Amanda Page -  Owner | Lead Floral Designer

Amanda Page - Owner | Lead Floral Designer

Zephyr, a gentle breeze from the West. Bringing elegance and a touch of southern hospitality to your events and spaces. We are here to make sure your design is proven true through the details. Your story creates your design and we are here to listen and interpret. 

"Creating a great event means you have to include all of the senses. Flowers are a strong presence in that intricate balance.” -Amanda Page

Zephyr Floral was created by lead floral designer Amanda Page. Amanda is Dallas born and raised. She believes that it’s about finding inspiration in the small things. Creativity has always demanded space in Amanda’s life. Flowers are a strong form of that creativity taking shape and finding space. Her sweet spot has always been to create ambiance. Whether it is hosting a “friendsgiving” at home, weddings, or a corporate event, she grasps the vision and creates a space where the atmosphere changes when the guests walk into the room.

Her floral style is formative, fresh, and constantly evolving. Her love for flowers and all things aesthetically pleasing make for a "killer combo” when designing your event.